About Me


I don’t come from a very musical family.  I started playing saxophone in 7th grade.  Thanks to a wonderful private lesson teacher and parents who sacrificed when times were hard, I discovered a passion for music.  I went on to study music in college and earned a BA in Music from the University of Utah.

I’ve been composing and arranging music in my spare time for over 15 years.  Although I’m a sales professional by trade, I’ve never intended to try and make money off of my music.  I simply compose for the love I have of sharing my music with those who want to use it.

Often enough, I’ve written music when there has been an event that needed it, like a wedding, baptism, concert, etc.  During those times, I will take a look at the talent that I’m surrounded with, and make use of the musical abilities of those with whom I’ve come in contact.  It’s been a great way to make wonderful and life-long friends.

I hope you enjoy this site.  If you find something you like, please share your comments!  If you have any requests, use the “contact” page.  I won’t make any promises, but I’ll do my best to help if time and inspiration cooperate.


Richard Tolbert