Father In Heaven

This is a 4-part a capella arrangement for men.  You’ll want a fairly capable group with a good range for this one.  The bass sings a low D at the end (shout out to you, Brian Grayless, you are missed!), and the first tenor spends some time in the F#/G range during the second half of the piece.

Sheet music here: Father In Heaven – Full Score


Audio for practice parts below…

Tenor 1:


Tenor 2:






Music: Friedrich F. Flemming (1778-1813), adapted from Edwin P. Parker's (1836-1925) arrangement.
Text: Angus S. Hibbard
Arranged: Richard Tolbert
Created: Sep 2014
Duration: 00:02:31


1.  Father in Heaven, in thy love abounding,
Hear these thy children thru the world resounding,
Loud in thy praises.  Thanks for peace abiding,
Ever abiding.

2.  Filled be our hearts with peace beyond comparing,
Peace in thy world, and joy to hearts despairing.
Firm is our trust in thee for peace enduring,
Ever enduring.

3.  God of our fathers, strengthen ev'ry nation
In thy great peace, where only is salvation.
So may the world its future spread before thee,
Thus to adore thee.